2. Design

A landscape plan… bringing your ideas to life

There’s nothing quite like seeing your garden wish list in a full-color design.

As landscape designers, we’re subject to the highest standards of safety and quality. As your garden designers, we’re also subject to the highest ideals of beauty. Anybody can lay pavers or plant trees – a city garden company design ties everything together in a single vision. Our clients would agree that seeing their future backyard illustrated in a master plan is an exciting moment.

A well-thought out plan actually saves you money. We will guide you towards the best choices based on your family’s needs and budget – choices like construction material or lighting style can have an impact on project cost, and they’re ultimately yours to make.

We’ll illustrate your plan with architectural drawings and other renderings before construction ever begins. You’ll know what you’re getting. And when you have a plan you love – well, then it’s time for our construction crew to get to work.

“they were able to vastly improve the overall aesthetic of what we had originally planned”

JH, Client