At City Garden Company, we are hands-on from start to finish.

We start by imagining what a timeless outdoor living space means to you. We finish when it’s ready for you to sit back and enjoy it.

Between start and finish, we provide a comprehensive design plan, handle all the permits and extra details and provide on-site construction that is mindful and professional.


Family time in backyard patio with custom fireplace

How do you want to live?

Our design/build expert will meet with you on site to talk through your ideas. We’ll need to get to know you a little and find out about your needs and lifestyle.

We’ll ask you how you envision yourself and your family using the yard, what kind of styles you’re drawn to, what’s on your wish list, what kind of budget you have in mind. Zen meditation corner? Children’s garden? Outdoor kitchen for entertaining? Bocce court?

It’s all about you and how you want to live.


City Garden Co_design

A landscape plan… bringing your ideas to life

To design the ideal landscape for your home, we need to come up with a plan infused with your ideas. It should be tailored to your lifestyle and molded to fit your landscape. 

What goes into designing a landscape? Function is integral to design, and correct drainage is crucial – flooded basements are never fun. Stone, concrete, metal – we love them all and use them regularly. Our plant plans are low-maintenance with a focus on native species. 

The design process can take up to a couple of months. You as homeowner will be involved throughout the process, giving input and feedback at every step.


pergola construction

Meet your landscape contractors — us!

Watching your plans come to life is probably the most exciting part of a project. You might choose to have a full renovation of your outdoor space, or you might prefer a phased installation over a longer timespan. We’ll work with you to find a solution that best fits your budget and lifestyle.

We know it can be intense having a construction crew in your backyard. We handle all the deliveries, disposal and clean-up, to make it easier on you. You’re always welcome to check off on our progress from day to day, but on the whole you can go about your day and leave us to do the work.

We can also take care of any permitting required by your county’s planning department before installation begins.


Oconee County Patio and Fire Pit by City Garden Company

Welcome to your new home — your outdoor living space!

A new outdoor living space adds on a whole dimension to your home. Over time, your new plants should mature and become established. If you’re new to gardening and need help with horticultural maintenance, we got you.

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