For over 25 years, City Garden Company has created timeless outdoor living spaces.


What if your backyard was a place to escape to?

A place to relax, lie back on a lounger with a cocktail, throw a couple steaks on the grill and smell the jasmine. Watch the kids play. Forget about the world, just for a minute. We know how to make that dreamspace real.

At City Garden Company, we provide residential landscape design with a modern aesthetic. Our goal is to provide you with a low-maintenance outdoor space that will hold up over time. We value selecting native plants, low-maintenance plantings and implementing a water-conscious approach to design. We also love to create custom-built hardscapes that fit your needs and lifestyle such as patios, terraced and split-level landscapes, fire pits, pool areas, outdoor kitchens… and plenty more!

Are you ready to step into your new outdoor living space?


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